50th Anniversary Mission Giving Event & Annual Business Meeting

Representatives from the Scenic South District enjoyed hearing and meeting our new United Women in Faith CEO, Sally Vonner. Ms. Vonner was the featured speaker at the Holston UWF 50th Anniversary celebration held at beautiful Church Street United Methodist Church in Knoxville.
It was a lovely spring day, perfect for the People’s History Tour of Downtown Chattanooga. Michael Gilliland led us on an easy walking tour that focused on Chattanooga’s shared experience from slavery to present day.There were many examples of strength, courage, and “firsts” in the struggle for freedom and civil rights, like the one below. Do you know the story of the students from Howard High’s Class of 1960 who left school at the end of the day to take part in peaceful civil rights protests downtown? They were arrested and released, but when they repeated the action, school officials were told they would be held responsible, with financial penalties, for any student behavior between school dismissal and return to home. After some discussion the students came up with a plan. They went home after school, attended a Bible study, and then returned to take part in civil rights demonstrations. They were the first organized group of high school students in the nation to organize and lead peaceful sit-in protests. If you are interested in taking the tour contact Michael at michael@calebcha.org

Women Like You Change The World

Put your talents, energy and ideas to work. You’ll find flexible opportunities for spiritual growth and ways to act for social justice, support your community, live your faith and enrich your life  right here at First-Centenary United Women in Faith  in our small groups/Circles.

United Women in Faith

United Women in Faith is the largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice.
Members raise up to $20 million each year for programs and projects related to women, children and youth in the United States and in more than 100 countries around the world.
United Women in Faith and The United Methodist Church's principles and values include:
  • Promoting the empowerment of women, children and youth.
  • Promoting anti-racism and multiculturalism.
  • Promoting inclusion and equity.
  • Promoting fair labor practices.
  • Promoting economic and environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Click here to contact Donna Palmer and connect with United Women in Faith at First-Centenary

Click here to visit uwfaith.org

What is United Women in Faith?

United Women in Faith is a faith-based membership organization of laywomen within
The United Methodist Church. We are organized for mission and our members are
committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in community with other women and
building the lives of women, children and youth. United Women in Faith has been in
mission for 150 years.

What is the vision?

United Women in Faith is turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women,
children and youth in the world.

Who is a member?

Any woman who wants to belong to and participate in the global mission of the church
through United Women in Faith and who commits herself to the purpose can
become a member of United Women in Faith.

What is the purpose?

The organized unit of United Women in Faith shall be a community of women whose
purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus
Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission
through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Your 2023 Leadership Team is listed below. Please support and pray for them as they lead in the coming year.

  • President: Martha Payne
  • Past-President: Donna Palmer
  • Secretary: Pat Strange
  • Treasurer: Sally Richardson
  • Communications Coordinator: Donna Palmer
Mission Coordinators
  • Spiritual Growth: Jonnie Williams Tomasek
Membership Nurture & Outreach
  • Younger Women: Denise Bell & Deborah Seke
  • Older Women: Page Houseman
  • Social Action Coordinator: Caroline Archer
  • Committee on Church Responsibility: Dianne Lizarraga 
  • Committee on Nominations: Cheryl Powell (Chairman), Jessica Johns, Jeannie Robinson