Upcoming Trips

Romania Mission Trip

April 15th - 23rd

If you have always wanted to go on a mission trip to Romania and haven't had a chance to go, a trip is being planned around April 15th. We will be building some bunk beds and preparing some space for our youth that will be going this summer. There will be other things to do while over there, such as planting a few trees, working on a field that is going to be turned into a soccer field, visiting some homes of the people that live in the village, and always interacting with a lot of kids that live there. Come join us for this wonderful trip of a lifetime, you don't want to miss out!

If you are interested in going, please contact Barry Kidwell at cbarrykidwell@gmail.com, or call either (423)713-6379 or (423)756-2021.

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Guatemala Mission Partners 

We have partnered with Association for Creativity & Development of Guatemala (ACD).  ACD Guatemala is a non-profit and faith-based organization operating in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Their mission is to serve children and families that are exposed to vulnerable conditions, violence, and irregular migration in rural Guatemala. Our headquarters is located in Quetzaltenango. We focus on education, development, medical and spiritual care, helping children and teens to engage life purposes, healthy relationships, and participation to experience community growth.


At First-Centenary we believe that it is important to serve our community. We operate two outreach ministries
(The Centenary & Mustard Tree) and support several Chattanooga area ministries. 

Our Outreach Ministries

Ministries we support

Costa Rica

We support two United Methodist Missionaries in Costa Rica named Ray & Lidia Zirkel. We have been sending teams Costa Rica to help the Zirkels build a Children's Home (Hogar Metodista) in Coronado, just out of San Jose, for many years now. We have several members dedicated to this project and they are always looking for more folks to join them. We also sent a team to Puerto Viejo to help build an addition onto a church.

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First-Centenary United Methodist Church is partnering with four pastors and six churches in different cities and villages in Romania. This partnership consists of financial support and regular visits between our pastors and laity and the Romanian pastors and laity. Sometimes we send teams there and sometimes we bring their pastors here. Our Romanian pastors have infectious hearts for Jesus and they are doing AMAZING work all over Romania.
We are so excited to share with the congregation the things that are happening in Romania! 

Contact Pastor Barry for more information


We support Rev. Harry Howe who is a Board of Global Ministries missionary serving as a Church and Community worker in Marion, VA as the Executive Director of Project Crossroads. Project Crossroads is an outreach ministry designed to address the basic needs of people in that area, alleviate human suffering, and provide an avenue to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ. Rev. Howe works with agencies, churches and local organizations in a 7 county area to identify and assist with housing needs for the elderly, handicapped and low income families.

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