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At First-Centenary, we believe there are many hearts, but one purpose, and that is to “Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Our Vision is Serving People of the greater Chattanooga area in order to build a healthy and diverse community of disciples.
We seek to do this by engaging both the head and the heart through worship, through learning opportunities, through service, and through giving. Several years ago, First-Centenary set 5 strategic goals to help us better connect with God and serve others.  These goals were:

1. Provide multiple and diverse worship experiences.
2. Be a church of servants to the community.
3. Be a caring, metropolitan presence, intentionally inclusive and interactive, that makes disciples.
4. Have a Center for Discipleship Formation.
5. Connect every member to a small group and direct all visitors to a small group.
First-Centenary is a United Methodist Congregation and we believe the theology of the United Methodist Church best reflects what we read in Scripture as interpreted through tradition, reason, and experience.
First-Centenary is a theologically diverse congregation. We take John Wesley’s advice seriously when he writes, “On the essentials of religion, we are fixed as the sun, but on matters of opinion, we think and let think.” For more information on what Methodists believe, Click Here 

We hope that you find our congregation to be a warm and caring church that seeks to follow Jesus Christ as we serve our community and the world around us.  Come and worship with us, grow with us, and serve with us.  Come and see what God is doing in this church and through this church.

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