Anyone Comes. Everyone Belongs.

Our College ministry is made up of young adults aged 18-25. Whether you are currently taking classes, taking an academic pause, or jumped right into the workforce, we would love to have you join us.

We break down our college ministry into three major ideas:


We partner with young adults for all to grow together. We seek to create disciples of Christ.


We help in the hurdles of life. We build authentic relationships with every individual to lead where God calls.


We love you the way God made you. Every person feels a sense of belonging in our Christian community no matter their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical capability, or any other factor.


Monthly Student Lunch 

June 30th, July 28th, August 28th, September 29th, October 27th, November 24th, and December 29th
Meet in The Vine Lobby after the 10:45 a.m. Worship Service

Calling all fcCollege students! Join us in the Vine lobby after the 10:45 service to walk over to one of our favorite restaurants. Enjoy some great conversation, get to know other young adults, and hear about some upcoming events. The best part? Lunch is on us!

Volunteer Interest Meeting

July 14th at 12:00 p.m. in The Vine

We need YOUR help! If you enjoy working with young adults aged 18-25, we would love your participation in our program. From weekly, monthly, and special events, there is plenty of volunteering needed to go around. We would also love to hear YOUR ideas for the college ministry program. If you have any interest in being involved, please join us Sunday July 14 following the 10:45 service in the Vine lobby.


For more information about our College Ministry email:

Kirsten Shipp at

Meet The Team

Kirsten Shipp


Kirsten Shipp