Put your talents, energy and ideas to work. You’ll find flexible opportunities for spiritual growth and ways to act for social justice, support your community, live your faith and enrich your life right here at First-Centenary United Women in Faith in our small groups/circles.

Current United Women in Faith Groups

Book Club

CALEB (Chattanoogans in Action for Love Equality and Benevolence)

This is a group of interdenominational women who meet to discuss books on religious topics/Bible study with authors ranging from some of faith's most liberal writers to more traditional theologians. They meet 8 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks after Christmas.
Our UWF unit is a member of this community organization. CALEB has 3 areas on which members focus: Criminal Justice Reform, Economic Mobility, and Education Reform.  General meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Each task force has a schedule for working meetings.  

Chris Bowles Circle

Women Together Sharing A Cup

The Chris Bowles Circle focuses on Bible study and discussion. It meets in the Prigmore Room on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. from March through October.
This is a group of women from First-Centenary and other local churches.  The focus is on getting to know each other and sharing common goals.  Each meeting has a socialization component and a presentation about a community mission or program.  They donate needed supplies/materials.  We meet every other month on Saturday, from 10-12, currently at First-Centenary.

Martha & Mary Circle

Susannah Wesley Circle

This Circle describes its activities as Bible study and creatively demonstrating concern for others. Meetings are in Mohney Hall at 10:30 a.m. every 3rd Monday, except in July and December.
The Susannah Wesley Circle meets in the homes of members, with programs and discussion of various topics.  Members share food and fellowship at 6:30 on the 4th Monday of each month.

Creation Care Circle

The Creation Care Circle focuses on ways we can bring God's dream of right relationship between people and creation to reality in our community. We spend our meetings planning actions and studying scripture, as we believe both are vital in helping us to grow together. The Creation Care Circle meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. usually in the Prigmore Room.

Potential United Women in Faith Groups

A. This group would access media from United Women in Faith (uwfaith.org) to deepen faith, and hear from leaders and missions around the U.S. and the world. Meeting schedule TBD.

  • Faith Talks- Downloadable podcast suitable for discussion groups
  • Response- Downloadable podcasts from Response magazine, suitable for discussion starters
  • Voice from the field- Webinars, accessible for viewing after the event, suitable for discussion groups.
For each of the bullet point groups above you can sample at Podcasts | United Women in Faith (uwfaith.org) 
  • Church & Society- Webinars, usually with a panel, who discuss various topics.  

B. This group would have access to Amplify Media through First-Centenary’s subscription. There are hundreds of choices, usually with video/leader’s guidebook for each choice.  

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