Work for the Youth Ministry!

First-Centenary United Methodist Church in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee is seeking a full-time Assistant Youth Director/College Minister. First-Centenary is a large membership church with a thriving student ministries program from birth to college. A qualified applicant should have a college degree, previous youth ministry experience, be technologically savvy, have a passion for connecting with and developing youth and college students into strong young adult Christians, the emotional and relational maturity to relate to youth, parents, college students, and adult volunteers, and possess (or be willing to learn/teach) a Wesleyan/Methodist theological approach to youth ministry and theology. We are located next to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and are looking to rebuild our college ministry.
The youth group at First-Centenary has students from 15 to 20 different schools in the Chattanooga area. Because First-Centenary is a downtown church, there is not one school that most of our youth come from. This allows the youth group to reach an eclectic mix of students. The students at First-Centenary are accustomed to intellectual curriculum that is based in Wesleyan Theology. Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore their doubt in a welcoming and understanding environment. 

We aim for our college minister to reflect this as well and be a place where college aged students can continue to grow in their faith and develop as leaders. Because of our close proximity to the campus and the natural articulation of college students we believe that it is time to revive a campus ministry that paused during COVID years. An ideal candidate would have a passion for campus ministry, a start up mentality, and a relational approach to ministry.

If you are interested in applying please send your resume and references to the Youth Director Tori Crook, at by April 1,2024. If you have questions about the timeline, application process, or the church, please feel free to email Tori or call the church at 423-756-2021.


Assistant Youth Director / College Minister

List of Job Duties for Youth

Administrative Duties:

  • Keep & Track attendance:
    • Keep monthly attendance sheet up to date
    • Keep track of Wednesday attendance
  • Weekly Communication in conjunction with Youth Director: 
    • Send a weekly text message on Wednesdays informing youth and parents about the evenings meeting times and menu
    • Post regularly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Things like countdowns, videos of youth playing games, upcoming event notifications)
    • Update E-mail newsletter for parents and students that is sent out on Thursdays
  • Weekly Program:
    • Order and pick up food for Snack Supper 
    • Have any current sign-up sheets prepared 
    • Make sure water and breakfast is stocked each week – shop when needed. 
    • Make sure we have all supplies to pack lunches for Mustard Tree and deliver them to The Vine kitchen the next day

Ministry Preparation:

  • Weekly Lesson Preparation: 
    • Make plans for someone to do the lesson each week and/or prepare to teach a lesson 
  • Weekly Events:
    • Wednesday Night Meal, Bible Study, and Games
    • Sunday School Breakfast & Classes
    • Sunday Nights
    • Pray, Pig, & Play “Triple P” every Monday – ONLY during Summer
  • Monthly Events:
    • Youth Council Meetings 
  • Special Events:
    • Resurrection
    • Confirmation
    • Youth Council Retreat (and elections)
    • Middle School Mission Week
    • High School Mission Trip
    • Back to School Event/Fall Orientation
    • Fall Festival
    • Fall Retreat
    • Work Week(s)
    • Miscellaneous events (Like Lock-ins)


  • Room preparation & clean up (for Sunday morning & Wednesday nights)
    • Turning on the lights, the sign, TV, Apple TV, Radio/Flickr, etc. and unlocking all the classroom doors
    • Breakfast/Snack Supper setup – drinks, cups, ice, plastic-ware, plates, bowls, etc. 
    • Taking inventory of supplies, ordering more or going to the store to purchase more. (Constantly buying more bottled water, 2 liter drinks, cups, plates, prize candy, etc.)
    • Setting up audio equipment, screen, & projectors
    • Ad-Hoc – setting up tables & chairs for special meetings
    • Maintaining/Updating game room computers and game systems (X Box, Wii)
    • Keeping game supplies available (ping pong balls, etc.)

Meetings & Planning:

  • Weekly and Monthly Meetings:
    • Youth Council Meetings – 1 hour (monthly)
    • Staff Meeting – 1 hour (weekly)
    • Program Staff Meeting – 1 hour (weekly)
    • Meeting with Youth Workers - 1 hour (monthly)

List of Job Duties for College

Administrative Duties:

  • Social Media, create and maintain college ministry social media
  • Create a contact method with students
  • Maintain contact with students & note attendance 
  • Create a roster of college students connected to the church
  • Develop logo for college ministry

Ministry & Preparation:

  • Making contact with Wesley House and students at UTC
  • Spend time on campus weekly getting to know students
  • Making contact with college age youth
  • Take students visiting to lunch after service 
  • Develop purpose & vision for college ministry 
  • Connect college students to opportunities in the Church 
  • Eventually build up a Sunday School/Weekly Bible Study/PrimeTime with students