I'm New

Sometimes it is difficult to get involved in a new church. Every church has a certain way of doing things; so, if you are new, you may find yourself struggling to figure out how things work.
Hopefully, the information below will help you get-to-know us and our ways!

Youth Information Booklet

At the beginning of each school year we have an orientation meeting for parents. This is an opportunity for us to provide a tentative schedule for the school year and inform parents about volunteering and giving opportunities. It also contains some info on "who we are" as a youth group and ways to get involved!

How to stay "in-the-know" about Youth Stuff:

In addition to this website, we have several ways of keeping parents and students informed about upcoming events.
The first and best way to stay informed about youth activities, classes, and events is to subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter. It is called "The SHOUTING STONE" and it is emailed every Thursday. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE for parents and students who want to know what is going on! Click here to sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Texting Service
Second, we send texts using the “Remind App.” Anyone who opts into the sevice receives updates about student activities on their cell phone. We do not abuse this! We usually only send out one text per week. Sometimes two if there is a special event going on. To sign up download the “Remind” app and put in the class code (@fcumcyouth) OR simply text “@fcumcyouth” to this number: 81010. You should receive a short welcome message immediately and a code. The code is if you want to download the app.
Social Media
Third, if you are into social media you may find us on Facebook by searching “First-Centenary Student Ministry” (don’t leave out the hyphen).  We are also on Flickr, Instagram, and YouTube.

Student Center Tour

Our Student Center has drastically changed over the last few years. We are very thankful for all the parents, volunteers, and donors who helped transform the youth area into a legitimate Student Center. We are blessed to have a dining room, game room, lounge, and classrooms all in one convenient location. Every youth event begins and ends in the Student Center located on the corner of Lindsay St. and Oak St. (Parking Lot #2). We hope this tour will help you familiarize yourself with where to go if we have the pleasure of your visit!

Street View

The Student Center is located on the corner of Lindsay and Oak right next to the Memorial Auditorium. The main entrance to the student center is underneath the porte cochere (fancy word for "carport").

Main Hallway

Our hallways are currently littered with boxes and furniture because of our ongoing rennovations. The stairs are on the far right, next are the restrooms and cleaning closet, followed by the "Confirmation Classroom" and the "College Room." The "Game Room, Kitchen, & Dining Room" are across the hall from the "College Room."  The "Youth Lounge" is down the left hallway.

Confirmation Classroom

This room is used primarily for our Confirmation classes on Sunday mornings.

College Room

Our "college room" is used by college students on Wednesday nights but is used by 9th & 10th grade students on Sunday mornings.

Youth Dining Room

The dining room is where we meet for announcements every Sunday morning before Sunday School from 9:30am to 9:45am. A continental breakfast is served and announcements for the coming weeks are given. Then students are invited to classrooms. The dinning room is also used everyday by our Inner City Ministry and on Wednesday nights by the youth group.

Youth Game Room

The game room is kind of epic. It is the place where everyone just hangs out. There are bookshelves full of games, a pool table, a ping pong table, a shuffleboard table, several computers on the bar, an air hockey table, a Nintendo Wii, a stereo and a big flat screen TV. 

Youth Lounge

As you can see the Youth Lounge is under major construction. This room is used by 11th & 12th grade students on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour and then by all high school students on Wednesday nights.


The gym is not actually located in our Student Center but it is a room we use every Wednesday night. The gym is located at the end of the Inner City hallway. If you come in through the Student Center, go left down the hallway and then take another left before you get to the Coke machine.