What happens when we don't talk about Bruno?

May 8, 2022    Rev. Dr. Mark Gooden

This is probably the most popular song and theme from the movie. We don’t talk about the things that we don’t understand, that make us uncomfortable, or that we are embarrassed by. We are fine to point out other people’s sins or other families “failures” but we love to push ours aside and hide them. We all have “Brunos” that we don’t want to talk about. What happens when we don't talk about Bruno?

The scene with Mirabel and Bruno behind the wall and his place setting as an addition to the family table is so powerful in reference to Christ’s table. Who is missing from our table, our community of faith? Why? Hearing Bruno’s heart for his family is reminiscent of those in our lives who have been cut out for various reasons (sexual orientation, career choices, political ideologies, etc)… they still have love for their family/community and a longing to belong. How can the church reach out to those who have been cut off from the table?