Hard Times

May 29, 2022    Rev. Barry Kidwell

Paul and Silas were in prison for bearing witness to the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul and Silas cost a business owner the ability to make money off a young girl he was exploiting. The business owner was furious and brought Paul and Silas to marketplace. "These men are stirring up our city and teaching and doing things we are not use to." At midnight, Paul and Silas were praying- there was an earthquake. The prison doors opened. The jailer thought prisoners had escaped and was going to end his life. Paul said; "We are here!" and bore witness to the jailer. The jailer was baptized along with family because he believed in The Lord Jesus Christ. We can witness in the most unusual places at the most unusual times to the most unlikely people. God expects us to be a witness in the good times and the hard times. God shows up in a jail cell.