EASTER in The Vine

Apr 17, 2022    Rev. Dr. Will Lauderback

What are you looking for in this world? If we are miserable we look for miserable people to make us more miserable. If we are angry we will look for more things to fuel our anger. If we are suspicious, there are all kind of things to mistrust.

The women came to the graveyard looking for what? What do you usually look for in graveyard: death, sorrow, lifelessness, pain, loneliness, and gut - wrenching grief? The women did not find what they were looking for. What did they find? Did they not find life? Of all places in the world to find life, you would not expect to find it in the graveyard. Are there places we have found life not death, hope not hopelessness, and joy not sorrow. Places like a refugee camp, a cancer ward, or a hospice wing of the hospital.

The Angel’s message to the women who came to the tomb was: ”Do not look for the living among the dead!” Jesus is working to bring life to that which others thought dead. I wonder if we are looking too often only at the dead places in life?