Lenten Devotion + Scripture Reading

Sunday, March 26th

Read: John 11:1-45
Reflect: Have you ever wanted to yell at God? Verse 21 sounds like something Martha might have screamed in her grief. This passage is a very human one. We will all experience death and loss. But we don't have to go through it alone. This passage also shows us a God who is with us. Jesus showed up and wept with Mary and Martha for Lazarus and Jesus shows us for you as well.
Pray: God, Thank you for giving us a savior who cries with us. Someone who knows and who shows up for us. Help us to face the difficulties of this life with the sure hope of resurrection. Amen.

This Week's Scripture Reading:

  • Monday Acts 20:7-12
  • Tuesday Psalm 143
  • Wednesday Matthew 22:23-33
  • Thursday Philippians 1:1-11
  • Friday Job 13:13-19
  • Saturday Psalm 31:9-16

Sunday, April 2nd

Read: Matthew 21:1-11
Reflect: Place yourself in this morning's story. Are you one of the disciples? The owner of the donkey? A young child climbing a tree? Someone laying down branches and cloakes? What do you see, hear, and smell? How might this experience shape the journey to the cross over the next few days?
Pray: Prepare us Lord to walk with you. To struggle with you. To doubt with you. To trust with you. To die with you. To rise with you. We need you Lord, Amen.

This Week's Scripture Reading:

  • Monday John 12:1-11
  • Tuesday John 12:20-36
  • Wednesday John 13:21-32
  • Thursday John 13:1-17, 31b-35
  • Friday John 18:1-19:42
  • Saturday John 19:38-42


Read: John 20:1-18
Reflect: Have you ever cried so hard you couldn't see straight? Been so overcome with grief that you could barely stand? This passage reminds us that resurrection happens! And that it happens in some of our most difficult moments and in unexpected ways!
Pray: God of Resurrection and Life, create in us a new heart and empower us to live in resurrection hope so that all might know of your love and grace. Amen.